Do you have a garden gazebo and you want to invite guests to a party that stretched into the evening hours? Then it will be appropriate to such construction equip with power wiring. The wiring is suitable to build a brick column in which terminates the power cord and placed distribution board. As a distributor must be used equipment in protection IP54. We use 6 modules, one 2-pole protector 25A/30mA and three breakers. The circuit breaker for lighting and 2 socket circuits, one for driving the electric barbecue, the other for connecting other devices.

The material e.g. from the kataloq fy Hager:
Switchboard VL106L
Polyester box FL204B
Cap with a cylinder lock FL96Z
MBN106 circuit breaker 6A/B lighting
MBN110 circuit breaker, 10A/B , barbecue
MCN116 circuit breaker 16A/C
CDA225D electric protector, 25A/A, 30 mA
SN216 250V/10A/16A socket, 2
(switch with indicator light SB116M 230V/16A/1S )
CYKY cable 4x1.5 mm2
protection pipe KORUFLEX 40/32

The last thing, it will be necessary to carry out the initial inspection, in which mainly measures the function of electric protector. This is desirable that someone created design documentation, thus drawing diagrams and description of the components that are also signs.

If the distance of the connection point less then 50m it is appropriate to design the circuit like TT network with its own ground. This is treated with a possibly inadequate fault loop impedance, which is start out to perform at the TN circuit occur.